Who are we?

Agrarian Union “Aleksander Stamboliyski” is a center - left of center political party which finds it's roots in the agrarian population of Bulgaria, but has amongst it's members and followers a large number of people from the intelligentsia and the professional classes such as doctors, lawyers, engineers etc.

Where do we come from?

Agrarian Union “Aleksander Stamboliyski” is one of the oldest Bulgarian political parties, founded in 1899 under the name “Bulgarian Agrarian Union”. Since 2005 the party has adopted it's current name - Agrarian Union “Aleksander Stamboliyski”. The Agrarian Union is named after one of Bulgaria's national heroes - Aleksander Stamboliyski. He was the founder of the Agrarian Union, which used to be quite powerful in the beginning of the 20th century and played a very important role in Bulgaria's political life after WW I. The leader of the party - Aleksander Stamboliyski was elected several times to the Bulgarian National Assembly ( The Parliament ) and became the Prime Minister of Bulgaria in 1919. As Prime Minister he signed the unjust and harmful to Bulgaria Peace Treaty of Neuilly-sur-Seine on November 27, 1919 and became famous for breaking the pen he signed the Treaty with in disgust. In 1923 he was assassinated in a coup d'еtat, inspired by the Royal Palace and carried out by reactionary circles in the Army. After his martyr's death, he became one of the symbols of the antifascist struggle in Bulgaria. Today, the Agrarian Union “Aleksander Stamboliyski” is represented in the Bulgarian Parliament by it's President Mr. Spas Panchev (MP) and is in coalition with the Bulgarian Socialist Pary (BSP).


What do we stand for?


The Agrarian Union “Aleksander Stamboliyski”, being a left-of center- political party, stands for : Peace and prosperity for all people at home, in Europe and in the world Democracy and a well developed civil society ensuring the rights of all citizens Social justice, a struggle against poverty and unemployment and a fair distribution of the common national wealth among all citizens. Equal rights for women and men, equal access to healthcare for all, jobs for everyone in active working age. Priority for the development of science , education and culture - to ensure the future development of the Bulgarian nation as a nation of educated and well respected members of the world community. Ecological strategy for preserving the environment, sustainable development for Bulgaria and all other countries in Europe and the world Our symbol is a green four-leafed clover . The color of our flag is orange.


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